ODA Middle East

The numerous digitized materials in the Open Digital Archive section will be categorized as such:


Over the years of research and archive collection, Houshamadyan has found personal memoirs, diaries, and letters, which have been digitized and are now available here online. Some of these memoirs are in Armenian, and some written in Turkish with Armenian letters. Many give a vivid description of the person’s town or village and thus are great first hand sources of information on the geography and lifestyle of the region. Some of these memoirs have been transcribed, while others are still in the process of being transcribed and translated into English, Turkish or Armenian.


Old photographs are the core of Houshamadyan’s archive. Houshamadyan extensively collects old family photographs of individuals, people and landscapes. Our collection is diverse in terms of geography and covers many Armenian towns and villages in the Ottoman Empire. The photographs have been digitized and archived by Houshamadyan team members or by collaborators from around the world and individuals who have shared their personal family archives with us.


Many households have objects and items (carpets, embroidery, copper-ware, etc.) left behind by grandparents who are long gone. Sometimes the presence of these objects goes unnoticed, but if one looks closely, these materials reveal family micro-histories. Such is the case of objects that belonged to Ottoman Armenians - objects, which are more than 100 years old and have travelled from city to city with the surviving family and are currently in the possession of the survivors’ descendants. These items have survived - they are present and tangible, and bear the Ottoman Armenian family’s micro-history by simply existing.


Houshamadyan is continuously working on expanding its music and audio/audio-visual archive. Some of the material is already available here.