Open digital archive

Houshamadyan has been actively expanding its archive on Ottoman Armenians since 2010. The archive is rich in various elements, which include family photographs, diverse items including household objects, jewelry, carpets, embroidery etc, as well as audio/audio-visual material, prints and manuscripts. Houshamadyan has a vast network of collaborators all over the world who help to enrich this digital archive. The archiving process is fairly straightforward but meticulous; our collaborators seek people and organizations that possess any material pertaining to Ottoman Armenians, the material is then digitized in accordance with Houshamadyan’s standards and added to the archive.

After years of research and the growth of our archival material, it became indispensable to make this digital archive available online in a parallel project, thus Houshamadyan launched the Houshamadyan Open Digital Archive project in 2015, which is in an online platform of growing archival material on Ottoman Armenians. This open digital archive will be available in Armenian, English and Turkish.

An important and integral part of the Houshamadyan Open Digital Archive is the Houshamadyan School Collaboration project, which was launched in early 2015. The school collaboration project aims at involving students in the reconstruction of Ottoman Armenian town and village life and the preservation of the memory of the Ottoman Armenians. This part of our website will be pivotal to the work that the students carry out. You can find out more about the school participation in the sections dedicated to each school with whom we have collaborated.

The Houshamadyan Open Digital Archive will be updated frequently and any new addition to our archive will be published here; our apologies to our collaborators who have already sent us digitized items which are still not visible online.