A scene from Izmit (Michel Paboudjian Collection)
A scene from Izmit (Michel Paboudjian Collection)

Province of Izmit: Photo gallery

We present, in this section, pictures taken in the Izmit vilayet (province), the majority of which are photographs and engravings relating to the Ottoman era. We have presented the province with its relevant various sub-sections with the object of making them more easily accessible. In the future we will present, alongside them, various themed articles prepared by the editorial board about the Izmit province. Thus this method of presentation is of a temporary nature which will last until the articles have been prepared. It should be noted that we have worked on the old photographs in this section with the aim of improving their colour, tone and quality.

Kaza of Izmit

Izmit: A view of the town (Source: Mekhitarist Order, San Lazzaro, Venice)

Captions and sources:
1) Armash: Holy Mother of God Monastery (Source: H M Eprigian, Illustrated Indegenous Dictionary [in Armenian], Part 1, Venice, St Lazzaro, 1900)
2) A scene from Izmit (Source: Edmund Naumann, Vom Goldnen Horn zu den Quellen des Euphrat, 1893, Leipzig)

Armash (present-day Akmeşe): Group photo of Armenian seminary students (Nubarian Library, Paris)

Captions and sources:
1) A scene from the town of Bardizag/Bahçecik (Source: Nubarian Library, Paris)
2) Bardizag: A view of the town/Bahçecik (Source: Ara Melkonian collection)

Kaza of Adapazar/Adapazarı

Adapazar. An Armenian family (Source: Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, Yerevan)

Captions and sources:
1) Adapazar (present-day Sakarya): The Armenian protestant church (Source: Mekhitarist Order, San Lazzaro, Venice. Courtesy of Hrair Hawk Khatcherian)
2) Adapazar (present-day Sakarya). The Darakjian family, 1910 (Source: Nelida Boulghourdjian collection, Buenos Aires)