A scene from Sinop (province of Kastamuni) (Michel Paboudjian Collection)
A scene from Sinop (province of Kastamuni) (Michel Paboudjian Collection)

Province of Kastamonu: Photo gallery

We present, in this section, pictures taken in the Kastamonu vilayet (province), the majority of which are photographs and engravings relating to the Ottoman era. We have presented the province with its relevant various sub-sections with the object of making them more easily accessible. In the future we will present, alongside them, various themed articles prepared by the editorial board about the Kastamonu province. Thus this method of presentation is of a temporary nature which will last until the articles have been prepared. It should be noted that we have worked on the old photographs in this section with the aim of improving their colour, tone and quality.

Sandjak of Kastamonu

Sandjak of Bolu

Zonguldak, 1915. Seated (from left): Hayrenitza Torosian (née Chakrhagopian). Standing: Nvart Chakrhagopian (later Der Goumcian) and Bedros Keoseyian. Seated: Hmayag Keoseyian (father of Bedros). When the photo was taken, Hmayag’s wife Haiganush (the sister of Nvart and Hayrenitza) and her daughter Hyuperig had been exiled to Damascus, where they died. Hmayag worked in the Ottoman Army; later, as a skilled shoemaker, he was saved from exile and worked in Zonguldak. The Chakrhagopian sisters were from Bursa’s Medz Nor Kyugh (Yeniköy) village (Source: Direction du Patrimoine de Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France)