Misak Misakian (later Father Khoren) collection - Athens

19/04/23 (Last modified 19/04/23) - Translator: Simon Beugekian
This page was prepared collaboratively with the “Armenika” periodical of Athens.

Misak Misakian was born in Manisa, in 1906. In 1922, he and his family settled down as refugees in Greece, initially in Thessaloniki. After staying in this northern Greek city for a few months, the family moved to Athens, where they settled down in the Dourghouti/Fix neighborhood. As a teenager, Misak served as an acolyte in the Saint Krikor Lousavorich (Gregory the Illuminator) Armenian church of Athens, and later as a deacon.

Misak was arrested on August 9, 1944, when German forces and collaborating Greek militia surrounded the Dourghouti/Fix neighborhood of Athens and launched a punitive operation (blocco). Like many others, Misak was taken to the Haidari concentration camp near the city. Then, from there, he was sent as a forced laborer to Germany, where he was interned in Geislingen. He survived the war and returned to Athens.

Misakian was ordained as a priest in 1953 and was styled Father Khoren. He served as the pastor of the Saint Garabed Church of the Dourghouti/Fix neighborhood.

Father Khoren married Sara Zakarian. The couple had two sons, Manoug and Serko/Sam.

He died on February 20, 1964.

February 25, 1945. Misak Misakian, photographed in Geislingen during his detention in Germany. A tag bearing the number 147 can be seen on his coat. This was probably Misak’s prisoner number.