How to use this website

You will find all the necessary information here to help you navigate your way through our website. Houshamadyan’s objective is to introduce you to Armenian life in the various cities, towns and villages in the Ottoman Empire through multimedia means. Our website has two basic routes to reach this information – Themes and Ottoman Empire Maps. These two tools appear in the main menu.


Here you will find ten main themes, each of which in its turn is divided into sub-themes. Select one of the main themes. Then select one of these that is of interest to you. A page will appear with different Armenian-inhabited place names. Select any of the places shown and the article concerning that sub-theme will appear.

Maps of the Ottoman Empire

Here you will find, in the first instance, a general map of the Ottoman Empire, showing the administrative boundaries of the vilayets (provinces). Select one of the provinces on the map with the cursor, and a new map will immediately appear that is an enlarged and detailed version of the one of the province you have chosen. You can do the same thing by selecting and clicking on the item of your choice in the alphabetically presented list of provinces and of certain towns and cities below the map of the Ottoman Empire, on the left. Select and click on an Armenian-inhabited place in the province from the list. The final map of a county (sandjak), district (kaza), town or village will then open.

Ten main themes will appear on the left under the final map. Choose and click on any one of them and the sub-themes will appear. Click on any one of those and, this time, all the items (articles, photographs multimedia means) relating to the given place will appear.

At this stage it is possible to select only those provinces of the Ottoman Empire for which Houshamadyan has articles prepared concerning the Armenian-populated places within them. The editorial board is collecting materials and preparing articles for the remainder.