Houshamadyan's Team

Our Association was formally registered in Berlin, Germany and has been operating since 2010. The Association’s directors are:

Chairperson                          Secretary                                Treasurer
Elke Hartmann                         Meliné Pehlivanian                   Oliver Neehus<link typo3>

Editorial Team

Houshamadyan Educational Association, USA

Houshamadyan is officially registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit association in the United States! Our branch in the United States is called the Houshamadyan Educational Association.

The Houshamadyan Educational Association's team members are:

Ani Boghikian Kasparian - Chairperson
Ed Bedikian - Treasurer
Alice Nigoghosian- Secretary
Michelle Andonian- Advisor
Ed Haroutunian - Advisor
Lara Nercessian - Advisor 

Turkish translators

English translators

Armenian translators

Copyeditor of Armenian articles: Kevork Yazedjian.


Special project collaborators

Special thanks to:

Ara Stepan Melkonian, Roubina Margossian, and Dikran Der-Voğormyacıyan for translation contributions, Juan Manuel Moreno (Spain), Juliette Inigo (France) Ylenia Wagner Granda (Spain) and Karin león Henneberg (Venezuela) for website design and artistic contributions.

International Advisory Board

To see the full list of Houshamadyan's international advisory board members please click HERE.