Map of the city of Amasya. You can find additional guidance on using the map below. Source: Kapriel H. Simonian, Houshamadyan Bondagan Amasyo [Memory Book of Pontic Amasya], Saint Lazarus Island (Venice), 1966. Reworked by Houshamadyan.

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A stone that was part of the structure of a home’s wellspring in Amasya, inscribed with “Give me water to drink, 1899.” It is currently on display in the Amasya Acheological Museum. Photographed by Lerna K. Yanık.

Sandjak of Amasya

The sandjak of Amasia during the Ottoman era.

Houshamadyan will publish a trove of material related to the life, history, and heritage of Armenians who lived in this historic region.

We also hope that natives of Amasya and their descendants, living all around the world, will contribute to this effort to revive their past by contributing digitized photographs, unpublished memoirs, artifacts to Houshamadyan.