The city plan of Ayntab (See below for details).


Here you can see the western side of the city, i.e. the neighborhoods which were Armenian-populated. The fortress of Ayntab, the market and the neighborhoods around these areas are not included in this plan. The plan approximately corresponds to the site plan of 1919-1920. Source: Kevork (Gevorg) Sarafian, Պատմութիւն Անթէպի հայոց [History of Antep/Ayntab Armenians], Vol. 1: Los Angeles, 1953. The plan was prepared by N. Barsoumian.

The names in bold letters have not been represented in the city plan, their localities have simply been marked by their corresponding numbers.

1. Kavaklek, 2. Ayn Leben, 3. The Marash road, 4. The Bostan Arase, 5. Watermill, 6. Injirli Pounar, 7. The Latin Monastery, 8. The house of Nigoghos Agha, 9. Depot/The old barracks, 10. Kyoulhan damı, 11. The Akyol mosque, 12. Ak Yol, 13. Kerk ayak, 14. Tannery, 15. The Chinarle mosque, 16. The house of Naoum Khayat, 17. Sou Bourje, 18. The Sou Bourje mosque, 19. The Sou Bourje guardhouse
20. The Mearif casino, 21. The First Protestant church, 22. The Leylegian house, 23. The Kalousdian house, 24. The Nersessian School, 25. Transversal, 26. The Choukour Bostan, 27. The center of the central military board (during the self defense movement initiated by Ayntab Armenians), 28. The club of the Tashnag party, 29. The Athenian school (gymnasium), 30. The American hospital, 31. The Beyazen Oghlou Khan, 32. The Kilikian school, 33. The Sare Khastahane, 34. The Sahag-Mesrobian school, 35. Central Turkey Girls’ College, 36. The Halladjian orphanage, 37. The Holy Mother of God church, 38. The Vartanian school, 39. The club of the Ramgavar party, 40. The Second Protestant church, 41. The house of Ali Bey, 42. Eben Ayoub, 43.The Eben Ayoub mosque, 44. Balekle, 45. The house of Byoulbyoulzade, 46. The Anglican church, 47. The Arapgir inhabitants’ mill, 48. Mousoulle street, 49. The Barsoumian school, 50. The Kozanle mosque, 51. The Sheikh mosque, 52. The house of Zengin Hasan, 53. The Pasha street, 54.The Ilian house, 55. The house of Kelesh hodja, 56. The Turkish school of Kozanle, 57. Armenian cemetery, 58. The Sumakle medasse, 59. The Kurdish neighborhood, 60. The Mekhsenen medasse, 61. Central Turkey College; Ayntab College, 62. Perka/Barracks, 63. The House of the Nazaretians. Drawing by N. Barsoumian