Anahid Israelian standing third from the left under the pillar (wearing a black skirt), Kınalı Island, Istanbul

Gayda collection - Brussels, Belgium

Nourhan Gayda was born on April 2, 1924 in Istanbul. He currently lives in Brussels, Belgium. Nourhan’s family from his father’s side comes from Tekirdağ (Rodosto) while his mother’s family comes from Istanbul. Nourhan’s family name was initially “Kaydedjian”, however they had to change it to “Gayda”, meaning “bagpipe” in Turkish, given that Nourhan’s grandfather on his father’s side was a bagpipe maker in Rodosto. Here you can find his whole collection of family photographs. The photos are mainly taken in Istanbul by their family photographer "D. Joseph".

The photos show the Israelian and Gayda family members, including:

  • Nourhan Gayda’s mother: Anahid Israelian (1890-1985/90)
  • Nourhan’s father: Garbis Gayda (1896-1960?)
  • Anahid Israelian’s father and Nourhan’s maternal grandfather: Toros Efendi Israelian
  • Anahid Israelian’s mother and Nourhan’s maternal grandmother: Araksi Karnougian
  • Anahid Israelian’s grandfather and Nourhan’s maternal great-grandfather: Sarkis Efendi Israelian, who was born in Sivas/Sepasdia

Nourhan Gayda - Childhood photos

Family photos

Sitting in the middle is Anahid Israelian, to her left is Garbis Gayda, behind her standing in the middle is Toros Efendi Israelian, and to her right is Araksi Israelian holding Nourhan Gayda.

Standing second from left to right is Sarkis Efendi Israelian and fourth from the left is Toros Efendi Israelian

Anahid Israelian as a child

1) Anahid Israelian and Garbis Gayda at the Big Island (Büyükada), Istanbul

2) Anahid Israelian and Garbis Gayda

3) Anahid Israelian and Garbis Gayda 5 April, 1923

Anahid Israelian with Garbis Gayda to her left, with her two sons, Nourhan standing and Marius (born in Istanbul in 1927) on her lap