Krikor Apartian. Migration papers (in Greek) for the Apartian family.

The Apartian family hailed from the city of Sis (modern-day Kozan), while the Karamanian family hailed from the nearby city of Kars-Bazar (modern-day Kadilri). Both cities were located in the province of Adana.

In late 1921, after leaving Cilicia, members of the Apartian family first reached Greece in 1922. Initially, they settled now on the island of Mitilini, then, a short time later, they relocated to Kokkinia (Pireas). As for the Karamanian family, its members left Cilicia in 1921 and emigrated to Izmir, after which they proceeded to Greece, in 1922.

Krikor Apartian. Migration papers (in Greek) for the Apartian family. Prepared in the name of Harutiun (Artin) Apartian- Piraeus, Kokkinia, 1922. The periodic government monetary assistance given the family is also noted. Harutiun is listed as a baker, 65 years-old, a native of Cilicia.

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