Alexis Krikorian collection - Lyon, France and Geneva, Switzerland

Here we present the Krikorian family collection sent to us from Geneva by Alexis Krikorian. This collection is from Alexis’ grandfather, Krikor Krikorian (1907-1985) who was born in the village of Morenig (present day Çatalçeşme) in the Harput plain. Some of these materials are currently at the Centre national de la mémoire arménienne (National center of Armenian memory) in Décines (near the city of Lyon, France).

The little boy standing on the right is Krikor Krikorian, Alexis’ grandfather. The person sitting next to him is his paternal uncle, Constantine Krikorian. Krikor was born in 1907. This photograph must be from 1910. During this time, Krikor’s father, Ghazar, had already left his native Morenig and immigrated to the city of Belfort in France. His uncle Constantine was most probably killed in 1915.

A postcard and its backside. The little boy standing on the left (wearing a hat) is Krikor Krikorian. The identities of the others are unknown; they are most probably other family members. The postcard is addressed to Krikor and is written by his father Ghazar.

“My son Kirkor, I miss terribly… Here is a photo of yourself from when you were very young. I send you this photo so you believe that your father still wishes to hold you. However, my darling, I cannot make my wish come true with only a piece of paper. You have one more photo like this with your uncle Constantine, that photo my dear, I shall keep with me.”

The photo Ghazar mentions is in fact the first photo of this collection with Krikor and his uncle Constantine.

The wedding invitation envelop for Krikor Krikorian and Satenig Mazmanian’s wedding. The initials “K” and “S” of the names of the bride and groom-to-be are on the envelope.

Krikor Krikorian and Satenig Mazmanian’s wedding invitation. The ceremony took place in 1930 in Lyon. Satenig was born in Shabin Karahisar (Şebinkarahisar); her father ran a café in the city’s church square and they lived on the top floor.

Lyon (France), 1930. The wedding photograph of Satenig and Krikor.

After the Genocide, Krikor Krikorian lived in Athens, Greece – this document in Greek and French, served as Krikor’s identity card, and was issued and stamped by the Greek Ministry of Interior Affairs. His mother’s name was Vartanoush and the document dates from May 12, 1926.