Bahadourian/Altun collection - Istanbul

The Bahadourian/Altun family put this collection at Houshamadyan’s disposal during an event organized by Houshamadyan in Istanbul, in December 2015. These belonged to the paternal and maternal ancestors of Shnorhig Altun (born Bahadourian), who was born in Cyprus.

Shnorhig’s father’s name was Thomas (1921-2006), and her paternal grandmother was Vartouhi Bahadourian (born Gyureghian) who was born in Hajin. Vartouhi had a sister, Hnazant and three brothers, Hayrabed, Bedros and Manoug. In 1911, Vartouhi married and went to the village of Mara/Maara (present day Kırobası) near Selefke/Silifke. Her husband, Shnorhk Bahadourian, was also from Hajin. They had four children, Manishag, Manoug, Thomas and Hagop. Between 1921-1922, when Armenians left Cilicia for good, the Bahadourian family left for Cyprus. Thomas Bahadourian married Arpine Mdadzoumian (1923-2013) in Cyprus.

Part of the collection presented here, belongs to Arpine Mdadzoumian’s (Shnorig’s mother) family. Arpine’s parents, Garabed Mdadzoumian (1878 Hajin-1977 Nicosia) and Armenouhi Mdadzoumian (born Seksenian, 1893-1974), were both born in Hajin and got married there. They had six children: Nazig, Koharig, Anahid, Arpine, Shant and Lili. Two of their children died during the Genocide.

Levon Esgijian’s marriage to Vergine (surname unknown), Nicosia, 1926, in the St. Asdvadzadzin church of the Armenian neighborhood. The bride and the groom stand between two girls who are holding long candles. It is clear that the Esgijan family was close to the Bahadourian family. Shnorhk Bahadourian was the priest who ordained this wedding. He is standing to the left of the groom, behind the girl holding the candle (to the left) and the little boy who is standing right behind the girl, he is wearing glasses. Vartouhi Bahadourian, standing to the right of the bride, is their godmother. The photograph was taken by the Avedissian brothers: 12 Lydra Street, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The Gyureghian family. Standing from left to right are: Ovsanna Gyureghian (Hayrabed’s wife), Hayrabed Gyureghian and Bedros Gyureghian. Seated from left to right are: the mother of the family (name unknown), Manoug Gyureghian and the father of the family (name unknown).

1) Vartouhi Bahadourian (born Gyureghian) is on the left and her sister Hnazant Kazanjian (born Gyureghian) is on the right. They were both born in Hajin.

2) Hayrabed Gyureghian and his wife Ovsanna.

1) Although this photograph is part of the family collection, it was not possible to identify the people in it.

2) The Gyureghians, Hayrabed Gyureghian is seated. Standing from left to right are: Hnazant Gyureghian (Hayrabed’s sister), Ovsanna Gyureghian (Hayrabed’s wife) and Vartouhi Gyureghian (Hayrabed’s sister).

Arpine Bahadourian’s (born Mdadzoumian) maternal (Armenouhi Mdadzoumian [born Seksenian]) uncle’s family, in Heliopolis, Egypt, 1929. The names of the children are mentioned on the back of the photograph: Vahe, Haroutyoun and Sona.

Arshag Gyureghian (on the left) and Artin Gyureghian (on the right) - Hnazant Gyureghian’s sons.

1) Standing on the left is Nazig – the daughter of Arpine and Garabed Mdadzoumian- with her husband Karnig Kouyoumdjian (in this photograph they are recently engaged). The photo was taken in Nicosia in 1937. Nazig was born in 1916.

2) The grandchildren of Garabed Mdadzoumian’s sister.

3) Although this photograph is part of the family collection, it was not possible to identify the people in it.

Nicosia, Cyprus, the “Shoushanian” kindergarten’s spectacle, 1920’s. Standing to the far left is Anahid Mdadzoumian (born in Mersin, 1920-1982), she was Garabed and Armenouhi’s daughter.

1) The wedding photo of Ovsanna and Hayrabed Gyureghian. Hayrabed is Vartouhi Bahadourian’s (born Gyureghian) brother.

2) The wedding photo of Armenouhi Mdadzoumian (born Sekseian, 1893-1974) and Garabed Mdadzoumian (1878-1977) in Hajin.

3) Seated is Vartouhi Bahadourian. Standing from left to right are: Thomas (the son of Vartouhi anf Shnorhk), Shnorhk and Hagop (the son of Vartouhi and Shnorhk).

Nicosia, the relatives of the Mdadzoumian family (names unknown). The photo was taken by “Photo Loutfig”, the photographer was Koharig Mdadzoumian’s (born in Aleppo, 1918-2015) husband.

Van, early 1900’s. Garen Meguerdichian’s family. The people in this photograph are not related to the Bahadourians or Mdadzoumians, however, it is mentioned on the back of the photograph that the Meguerdichians were family friends.

Limassol, Cyprus, 1935. Armenouhi Seksenian (born Mdadzoumian) is on the right.

Wedding dress. It belonged to Vartouhi Bahadourian (born Gyureghian). She married Shnorhk Bahadrouian in 1911 in the village of Mara/Maara (present day Kırobası) near Selefke/Silifke. Vartouhi was from Hajin, and her husband who lived in Mara was also from Hajin. This dress was presumably made in Hajin.

Details from the wedding dress.

Black skirt. Belonged to Vartouhi Bahadourian (born Gyureghian, in Hajin).