Serpouhi Babikian’s Identity card (Republic of France Certificate of registration application for moving.) 1925-1926. Name: Babikian Serpouhi; Date of Birth: March 16, 1907 in Tchmichguezek [Chmshgadzak/Çemişgezek] Father: Kasbar Babikian; Born: May 2, 1867 in Tchmichguezek Mother: Zaleg Demerjian; Born: May, 1872 in Tchmichguezek Profession: laborers; Nationality: Armenian refugee (with an unknown nationality)

The Babigian family hailed from Chmshgadzak (also Chemishgazak or Chemishgezek, a village in the sanjak of Dersim, province of Kharpert). In their native village, the Babigians were shepherds and farmers by profession.

Many members of the family were killed during the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The survivors were scattered across the provinces of the Ottoman Empire (Constantinople, Aleppo, Lebanon, etc.) The surviving Babigians who had settled down in Constantinople emigrated to France in 1922. After living in France for a few years, they relocated to the United States.

Serpouhi Babikian’s (1),  Zaghig Babikian’s (2) and Kasbar Babikian’s (3) one year French visa to pass from Constantinople to Marseille delivered from the French High Commissioner in Constantinople, on 14 October 1922.

Serpouhi Babigian’s (top) and Carl Babigian’s (bottom) French identity card, October 24, 1932.

Zaghig Babikian’s French Identity Certificate, December 20, 1935.

Serpouhi Babigian's French work permit.  George (Zaven) 6 years old born in Sarcelles France.  Sourene/Sooran (American spelling) born in Portland, Maine United States of America.

Zaghig Babikian’s one year French Identity card, April 19, 1935.

Zaghig Demerdjian’s US Immigrant Identification card.