Vahan Boyajian photographed in Hussenig/Ulukent (close up of the original photo below).

Avdoyan collection - Washington, USA

This page is dedicated to the members of the Boyajian ​and ​Jorjorian​ families from Hussenig (present day Ulukent), and the ​Avdoyan family​ from Bitlis​. The photographs from the Avdoyan family collection​,​ sent to us by Levon Avdoyan​,​ ​depict his ancestors ​from the maternal side of his family, ​photographed in their native Hussenig (Harput/Kharpert plain), and then, later on, photographed in the United States at the end of the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th centuries, as well as​ a few photographs from the paternal side of his family​.

Some of the photographs feature Levon Avdoyan’s maternal great-grandparents: Yeltsa Boyajian (born Mikaelian) and Krikor Boyajian, also his grandparents: Baidzar Boyajian (later Jorjorian, born in Hussenig) and Oscar Jorjorian (born in Kesarik), who migrated to the United States very early on, prior to the Genocide. Other photos depict his paternal grandparents: Peruz and Setrak Avdoyans, who also migrated to the United States. All the photograph captions were provided by Levon Avdoyan.

Photographed in Hussenig, the two parents in the photograph are Yeltsa (born Mikaelian) Boyajian (standing first from the left) and her husband, Krikor Boyajian (seated). The young boy in the forefront is Levon Avdoyan's great uncle, Vahan. The identity of the girl standing in the back in unknown. Levon Avdoyan’s grandmother Baidzar is standing on the right holding a book.

Another, full length, copy of the same family photograph above.

The little boy holding a book in his hand is Levon Avdoyan's great uncle from the maternal side of his family: Vahan Boyajian. This photo was taken in Hussenig on the same day as the family photograph above. Here, he is photographed without his fez. It is interesting that in both photographs, this photo and the family photo above, Vahan Boyajian is wearing an earring on his right ear. In the close up of the photo, we can see that he wears one only on his right ear.

The wedding portrait of Baidzar Boyajian (Levon Avdoyan's grandmother) and Oscar Jorjorian in the USA.

Baidzar Boyajian Jorjorian (born in Hussenig) and Oscar Jorjorian (born in Kesarik) at their wedding in c. 1907 in Massachusetts. Baidzar and Oscar are Levon Avdoyan's maternal grandparents.

1. Photo of Baizar Boyajian and her sons Edward (born in 1913) on the right and David (born in 1910) on the left. The photograph was taken around 1915-1916 in the USA.

2. Photo of Baizar Boyajian (Levon Avdoyan's grandmother) and her daughter Evelyn Beatrice (born 1918-1919) photographed in the USA. Evelyn Beatrice is Levon Avdoyan's mother.

This photograph is of Baidzar Boyajian Jorjorian (sometime around 1915) with a young woman who is believed to be her first cousin and married someone named Charles Najarian (this information is from memory).

This is a portrait of the Avdoyan family. Levon Avdoyan’s father, Levon E, is on the left and looks to be about 8 years old; he was born in 1919, thus we estimate this photograph to have been taken in the mid 1920’s in Fort Washington, Manhattan. Levon Avdoyan’s grandparents Peruz and Setrak Avdoyan are seated from left to right; the adolescents standing from left to right are: Edward S., and Araxy. 

This group photograph of Armenian ladies was probably taken in Providence. The seated woman, second from the right, is most probably Levon Avdoyan's great aunt, Annie Jorjorian (married to Oscar's brother, Paul). Baidzar, Levon's grandmother, is standing in the middle of the back row.

Standing, from Right to left: Missak Avdoyan, Alice Avdoyan (daughter), Lucy (Missak's wife). Kneeling: Marge Meldonian (daugter), Robert (Zohrab) Avdoyan (son).

A nature hike organized for Hussenig Armenians, on September 22, 1935, in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. The writing on the photograph says:"Hussenig [Husinik] Reconstruction Union Outing at Hagopian's Farm, Rehoboth, Mass." Oscar Jorjorian is standing, in the back row, third from the right, wearing a hat, with his hands in his pockets. Levon Avdoyan’s grandfather hailed from the Keserik village (present day Kızılay) of the Harput Valley. He was married to Baidzar Boyajian, who was born in the town of Hussenig near the town of Kharpert/Harput.

Detail from the Hussenig Resconstruction Union's group photograph above.

Another detail from the Hussenig Resconstruction Union's group photograph above.