The Syrian identity card of Artin Kitabjian

The Kitabdjian family hailed from the city of Gesaria. During the Genocide, they were deported to Deir Zor. One of the few survivors of the family, Artin (Haroutyun) Kitabdjian, settled down in Aleppo. There, he married Beatrice Matosian (born in Aintab), and the couple had children. For decades, the couple lived in Syria. When Artin decided to retire, he and his wife emigrated to Southern California, where their three children already lived.

1-2. Deed for Krikor Kitabjian’s house in Kayseri. The name is written Karkur Kitabjioghlu in the document.
3. Deed for Setrak Kitabjian’s house in Kayseri. The family name is written Kitabjioghlu in the document.